Chronicles of the Spellhammer Grimiore

Third Session Recap

After sleeping off the insanity, the party set off south and split up. The Dragonkin MARRRR… flew south to regroup with sergeant reeves. Sergeant Reeves gave Marr a magic crystal that they found on the street that magically showed a prior scene. The crystal showed the Xvart sergeant hanging from the tallest building, and enemy soldiers are taunting him. He had gone mad with dehydration and baking in the sun, and of course rage. The Xvart had convinced himself that he had become the tallest creature in all the land, given his new perspective. However after a particularly funny taunt in which he was called a gnome, short, and suffering from extreme case of blue balls, the Xvart fell to his death after a tantrum. Marrr never told the rest of the sergeants fate, and they didn’t even care to ask. Furthermore Marrr epicly bluffed his way out of being involved and blamed it all on the golem.

He escorted sergeant Reeves with the golem out of the city and to the east to rendezvous with the swashbuckler and the assassin. The party then drove the caravan and escorted Sergeant Reeves’s squad back to Tor’s Hold.

When the arrived back at Tor’s hold they had their ranks replenished by a cleric and a strange pyromaniac monk. Furthermore Marr was promoted to sergeant of the squad.

After a full nights rest they woke up to the monk burning down his tent and getting chewed out for having done it many times already. The squad collected their final mission from the bulletin board, and the mission orders informed them that the reward for success is freedom (or promotion should they choose). As they were leaving the camp to set out on their mission they were ambushed by this annoying man in flamboyant clothing asking if he could take the picture of the heroes for the warfront news. He took it anyways and apologized for ignoring their wish not to be captured in an image. The party tackled him and started rifling through his things before the commander spotted this and nearly had them court-marshalled. The commander apologized to the man, whom he called Master Graham, and the man snobbishly retorted. Master Graham quickly left on horseback after gathering his things.

The party made their way up the mountain and discovered an empty small cave and spotted a Ythirdrak (spelling?) far above. As they made they way along the north path they spotted an old derelict temple build into the mountain.

They explored the temple and:

  • fought several large skeleton guardians
  • disarmed several traps
  • found loot in a locked chest
  • fought over loot
  • cheated the rest of the party on gold (keith)
  • regrouped and healed up
  • Fought a giant hound that was like a blood-stone golem
  • Looted a magical, evil crystal skull with a strange but useful power

Overall loot:

  • 6 ancient idols
  • 1500 ancient gold coins (keith)
  • ancient crystal skull with a curious crack in the back
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